Sunday, January 26, 2014

Triple Falls, Arkansas Buffalo NR area

1/25/2014 - Triple Falls Hike

GPS Coordinates: 
  Triple Falls: 36.05470, -93.25830

Pet Friendly: Yes.  Easy for pets on or off leash
Motorcycle Friendly: No.  The road is definitely too rough and steep

Triple Falls
Triple Falls is easily one of the most accessible large waterfalls in Arkansas.  Once you get to the parking area, that is.  In fact, I hesitate to call it a "hike", as it is more like a leisurely stroll.  Definitely worth seeing, though.  You can always get your exercise hiking to the many other waterfalls in this area.  

To get there, look for the road to Kyle's Landing Access on Hwy 74 west of Mt. Sherman.  The road is marked with many signs for Kyle's Landing and Camp Orr, and there is a canoe rental place next to the turnoff.  Take Kyle's Landing Road for one mile where the road forks, and take the right fork.  i.e. - go to Camp Orr, NOT Kyle's Landing.  Follow the road to Camp Orr another 1.8 miles, which will take you to the bottom of the mountain.  At that point the road crosses a creek and immediately to the right will be a parking place for the falls. Note that the sign says "Twin Falls Parking".  The falls have long been known by  the name Twin Falls as well, but there are in fact three waterfalls side by side.  Be aware the road to Triple Falls is steep and rough, but quite drive-able.

The land beyond the parking location is actually on private land, not public.  This is part of Camp Orr, owned by the Boy Scouts of America. After parking, cross back to the other side of the road and the trail to the falls will be straight ahead.  The trail is on the level, running right next to the creek fed by Triple Falls.  You will be able to see and hear the falls almost immediately, they  are that close.  It is less than a quarter mile to the falls.  Along the way there is another trail branching off to the right that goes to the top of the falls, but go straight ahead and you will be at the base of the three falls in no time.

This trip, we were suffering from a little dry spell and there was not much water flowing over the falls.  The leftmost waterfall had only a trickle flowing over it.  We did have some relatively cold weather, however, and the combination of water and ice looked amazing.  This is a must-see waterfall if you are ever in the area, preferably during wetter periods.  This is the most natural beauty for the least effort you will ever experience.  

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